5 Reasons Why You Are Fat


How many times have you eaten unhealthily because of food offers and meal invitations? It happens all the time! I know some of you may think it’s rude to turn down food especially at someone’s dinner party, but it’s really not rude at all. You have weight loss goals you need to accomplish and eating those foods will be a delay in accomplishing them. If the person(s) offering you food get offended, then they don’t have your best interest in mind; they should respect the fact that you are dedicated and determined to achieve your goal. When temptation kicks in, remind yourself this; nothing taste as good as feeling fit feels. Take my word for it, as someone who used to eat all kinds of unhealthy crap.


Excuses are like armpits, everyone has them and they all stink.

Excusitis; it’s an illness that many people suffer from not only in fitness goals but in all aspects of their life. People with excusitis let negative words sink into their mind, such words as embarrassment, bad genes, bad luck, fear of failing, and fear of people. If you are making excuses every day, you will continue to set yourself up for failure. Successful people DO what unsuccessful people aren’t willing to do. From this day on, take action, be confident, and just get things done. Stop making excuses about why you can’t workout, just get it done. Nobody ever says “Damn, I shouldn’t have worked out today”, but if they didn’t workout, they will always say “Damn, I should have worked out today”. It never fails. You’ll feel so much better once you start accomplishing goals. Start small as small steps equal big leaps.

Watch this incredibly inspirational video below. I bet you’ll stop making excuses now. #NeverGiveUp


Food manufacturers spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year for the sole purpose of tricking consumers into thinking they are eating something healthy, but in reality it’s making them fat. For example, the term “low fat” is usually synonymous with “loaded with salt and cheap carbohydrates”. Labels are about marketing; the nutrition chart is about content. So ignore the front, and look for high saturated fat, protein and fiber, and low amounts of carbs. And remember, whole foods have no labels. They’re the best choice of all; it’s nearly impossible to eat too much of anything that grows on a tree, bush or vine.


The computer is the enemy of your abs.

The simple act of sitting in a chair for a long time is one of the riskiest activities we engage in on a regular basis. Not only is sitting for a long time not conducive to calorie burning, it’s also the major reason most of us have back problems and muscular imbalances. I know this all too well, I used to have “computer back” and APT (Anterior Pelvic Tilt). I made the decision, and the effort to correct those problems and now I feel better than ever. I used to have to wear a knee brace just to walk around the mall; now I don’t wear any braces when walking, and I can play basketball for multiple hours with no problem! If you want to learn how I corrected it, simply shoot me an email. shredfatinc@gmail.com


If you don’t plan, you plan to fail

The truth is, fit people plan their meals in advance. When you plan your meals you end up saving money, saving time, and you’ll avoid binge eating on junk food because your prepared healthy foods will be available. During my weight loss journey of shredding 80lbs of fat,  I made a habit of purchasing all my groceries each Sunday, then preparing, chopping and storing all the food so it would be easily accessible throughout the week; I can’t tell you how much doing this helped me achieve my weight loss goals. Need help creating healthy meal plans? Click here to get custom Meal Plans created for you, for only $2.99 per week!

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