Top 10 Workout Songs November 2012

Music, the language of the soul, is as old as humanity. The therapeutic benefits of music can be traced back in time to ancient shamanistic rituals. Music, as tool of healing was recognized in the writings of Aristotle, Pythagoras and Plato. They believed that it can influence physical, emotional, cognitive and social well-being and improve quality of life. In fact, there have been many recent studies that show if you listen to music while exercising, your brain will probably work better too.


Here are my top 10 workout songs for November 2012:

10) Muse – “Survival”:

“It’s not long before the backing vocalists give way to singer Matt Bellamy, who provides a theatrical feel to the track. In his best Freddie Mercury-esque delivery, the singer shows his range, going from showman to rock god in one fell swoop.” – Chad Childers (

9) Alabama Shakes – “Hold On”:

The powerful vocal chords of front woman Brittany Howard are enough to power me through any workout. This track in particular has tremendous build ups that keep me pumped.

8) Calvin Harris – “Acceptable In The 80’s”:

I feel like I’m in an 80’s gym pumping iron when listening to this one. I am a huge fan of 80’s influenced music; as you guessed from the title, this track is just that, with a video game vibe to it. I can dig it!

7) Matt & Kim – “Tonight”:

I dare you to listen to this song and not feel great. It’s bursting with positive energy, making me forget about my worries, and simply bask in the joys of life.

6) Passion Pit – “The Reeling – Calvin Harris Remix”:

This is Calvin Harris’ fuzzy, dance-floor remix of Manners‘ first single “The Reeling.”– Passion Pit AND Calvin Harris? Yes, please!

5) Mystery Jets – “Show Me Nothing”:

“The melodies are upbeat, instant and travel nicely around the very dance-orientated music. ‘Show Me The Light’ is a cracking dig at indie dance pop and the 90s influences are handled excellently.” – Jack Olchawski (

4) Shiny Toy Guns – “Speaking Japanese”:

Fresh from their newly dropped album “III”, this track is flavored with dance, rock and synth-pop sounds enhanced by vocals from Chad Petree and Carah Faye.

3) Calvin Harris featuring Florence Welch – “Sweet Nothing”:

Florence Welch featured on a house track; need I say more? Crank up the volume, pump some iron, and dance in between sets; who cares who’s looking!

2) The Killers – “From Here On Out”:

A Tom Petty inspired little gem with a chorus that’s bound to be humming in your head all day. It’s a quick hitting and fun tune that’s great for doing some sprint intervals.

1) The Killers – “Carry Me Home”:

This has been my go to workout song as of late. When I feel like taking my workout to the next level, I crank up the volume on this incredible song, and get to work. The Killers have created a masterpiece with their latest album ‘Battle Born’; if you haven’t heard it yet, what are you waiting for?


You can view, listen and subscribe to my entire SHREDFAT workout playlist below. How cool is that!

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