Are Supplements a Waste of Money?

Walk into any Walgreens or local supermarket, and you’ll see an entire aisle dedicated to supplements. The supplement industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that continues to grow each year.

There’s been much controversy surrounding the question of whether or not you need to take supplements. Critics claim that vitamin supplements are a waste of money, as you can get all the nutrients you need from your diet. They also claim that most people are not, in fact, nutritionally deficient, thanks to all the fortified foods on the market.

But is this the truth? Are supplements are a total waste of money?

Here’s the short answer…

Supplements are the BEST health insurance. 

But it has to be the right type of supplements.  Allow me to investigate.

Synthetic fertilizers radically decreases nutrient density, including valuable micronutrients that have long ago largely vanished from most of these soils.

I believe a strong case can be made that many people—especially if you do not eat a diet of unprocessed, organically-raised foods—are suffering from nutritional deficiencies of varying kinds and to varying degrees. To suggest the general population of Americans consume a nutrient dense diet is complete nonsense and shows extreme ignorance of the facts.

In a perfect world we would be getting all of our nutrients from food. The truth of the matter is that in this day & age that is almost impossible; soil quality, people “saving” their money, cooking methods, etc…

Not all supplements are created equal. Vitamins from foods in their natural, complex configurations are vastly different than the single, separated or chemically-manufactured, drug-like substances commonly viewed as and called vitamins. Synthetic vitamins are recognized as a drug to the human body; they have little or no value to livings cells.

Every individual is unique in their nutritional requirements. One person may require 10 times as much vitamin A or vitamin C as another person. This is called biochemical individuality. 

The human body is remarkable, and smarter than the lab coats. When vitamins contain whole nutritional complexes, the body can choose it’s need for assimilation and excrete what it does not need. This is called selective absorption.

On the other hand, with fractionated or isolated synthetic vitamins, there is no choice; the body must handle the chemical in some manner and can suffer consequences of biochemical imbalances and toxic overdose. Since the body doesn’t absorb these synthetic vitamins, you end up urinating most if it away. This is called EXPENSIVE PEE. 

There’s a lot of confusion about supplementation because there’s thousands and thousands of supplements that you can buy.

There’s a select few that are more important than others. Here are my top 4 supplements to take every day:

#1 A high quality sourced animal fats omega 3 supplement. Krill with astaxanthin is my go to. Keep your fish oil in the fridge and away from light. I use this Krill Oil:

#2 Supplemental form of good bacteria: probiotic. Take them on an empty stomach. I use this probiotic:

#3 High quality antioxidant because free radical damage is pervasive in the acceleration of many diseases and in accelerates aging. (coq10, Ubiquinol, Quercetin, Turmeric) I use this Antioxidant:

#4 a high quality organic and whole foods sourced multivitamin to fill in all the gaps. this is the best health insurance out there. Organic Whole Foods Sourced Multivitamin:

Here are my sources. I encourage you to do some digging for yourself.

E. Cheraskin, and W.M. Ringsdorf, Jr., New Hope For Incurable Diseases, (Jericho: Exposition, 1971), pp. 83.85

DeCava Judith, CNC, LNC The Real Truth About Vitamins & Anti-oxidants. (Selene River Press 2006), pp. 7-8.


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How To Lose 80lbs In 9 Months

Growing up I was always the fat kid. I was picked on. I wore t-shirts inside swimming pools. I lacked self esteem. It wasn’t until I was 24 years old that I decided to make a change.

Fast forward 9 months after that decision, I completely transformed my mental and physical health.

My transformation results in 9 months.

– 250lbs to 170lbs
– 34% body fat to 6% body fat.
– Size 38 pants to size 30 pants.

In this post you will discover the 3 principles I followed to achieve 80lbs of pure fat loss within 9 months; these 3 success principles I’m going to share with you will transform your life, whether you are 15 or 55 years old. 


Stop blaming others, it’s selfish. Take full responsibility.
There is no habit more closely associated with unhappiness than the habit of blaming others for our difficulties. You move closer to your solution the moment you say “I am responsible”. It’s difficult to say these three words and still feel angry. It all starts with these three words. Say it with me. I AM RESPONSIBLE.


All of the people who made an impact in our history were obsessed with their purpose. From Steve Jobs to the Wright Brothers to Grant Cardone; their obsessions were so strong that nobody’s opinion stopped them. Become obsessed or stay average, it’s as simple as that.

My mentor Grant Cardone has given me permission to be obsessed with success. I want to give you this same permission. Success is your duty! What is success? Massive amounts of whatever you consider success. I have learned from Grant many golden rules, but the one that resonates most with me is that it is never true failure unless you give up. That’s right, you are going to have setbacks, anger, frustration. So what? Don’t give up. If you don’t give up, you will never fail. 

Out of the 300+ books I’ve read in the last 4 years, Grant’s book “Be Obsessed or Be Average” ranks #1 on my list. 

Learn more about Grant Cardone’s work at


You say you are going to eat clean, but you have Cheetos and ice cream in your kitchen. Make it difficult for you to succumb to temptation by getting the junk food out of your house. Control and earn your cheat meals, and schedule them with social events. 

If you need someone to put a structure in place, hire me as your health coach

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Is Coconut Oil Healthy?

This week the American Heart Association made bold claims; you’ve probably seen headlines recently saying things like Coconut oil ‘as unhealthy as beef fat and butter‘” or “A MAJOR HEALTH ORG JUST CALLED COCONUT OIL UNHEALTHY“.

Before you throw out that jar of coconut oil, watch the video below.

While the American Heart Association sought to “set the record straight” by citing four clinical trials that backed up their claim, what they didn’t mention is that they cherry-picked the data from old, poorly controlled studies that would be thrown out by any self-respecting scientist. ?

Vegetables oils are liquid poison. All of them, Canola, Corn, Cottonseed, Soy, Sunflower, Safflower.
They all promote inflammation starting in the gut and extending into the arteries, nervous system, and everywhere else in your body. They also block enzymes involved in breaking down fat for energy, and thus can contribute to weight gain—especially the most inflammatory type of weight gain—around the waist, called omental fat. Dr G Spiteller has been quietly publishing articles on the harms of exposure to refined PUFA (polyunsaturated fat) for over a decade. If you need any more convincing read his publications here:

If any of you want to dig a little deeper, here are some great resources:

Chapter 8 of Deep Nutrition By Cate Shanahan:

Chapter 5 of Eat Fat Get Thin By Mark Hyman, MD:

The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz:

Resource for understanding your cholesterol levels: Cholesterol Clarity by Jimmy Moore:

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

3 Traits of Greatness [And how to achieve them yourself!]

I remember when I was growing up I would watch Michael Jordan dominate the sport of basketball. I would think to myself, how did this human being achieve such greatness? Would I ever be able to achieve greatness?

?If you are fascinated with the greats of our time, from MJ, to Martin Luther King Jr, to Steve Jobs, you should watch my short video below.

I recently finished an awesome book by writer Roland Lazenby titled “Showboat: The Life of Kobe Bryant”. I decided to record a video just for you, detailing my 3 biggest takeaways from the book.

Here are my to 3 takeaways from the book.

#1 Be Obsessed or Be Average. Kobe was obsessed with reaching his potential. What is your potential? Become obsessed with it!

#2 Be a Free Thinker. Kobe didn’t follow the thinking of the masses; instead he created his own path. Be careful when you follow the masses, sometimes the “M” is silent. 😉

#3 Turn Setbacks Into Stepping Stones. Kobe never let an injury, or any other setback dissuade him from living up to his potential. Remember that it isn’t about the setback, it’s about the GETBACK. If you had a dietary disaster, forget about it and move on; it’s never bigger than the moment.

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5 Foods To Eat For Great Health

It’s funny how us humans make things complicated. The creator of this planet, God, the Universe, whatever higher power you believe in, has put in place a beautiful world that we should be able to thrive in.

Unfortunately, we don’t follow natures clues. Instead we go against mother nature… one thing I’ve learned in my lifetime is that mother nature always gets the last laugh.

I wrote this article, and recorded a video (watch below) for you to help you thrive. It’s a fun way to remember 5 foods that will make your health great.

Nature gives us clues. What do I mean by that? The sun goes up, and we’re suppose to get up. The sun goes down, and we’re supposed to go down (sleep). Instead we have manufactured a brand new daytime with the invention of electricity. Sure, it’s awesome that we did this, but it’s also costing us with our health. As long as you follow natures clues you will thrive, but when you go against it, sickness and disease happens.

I want to share 5 foods that are great for your health, and how nature gave us clues for them.


The yolk from eggs looks like eyes, and it turns out they are beneficial to eye health. Egg yolk is a source of both lutein and zeaxanthin along with healthy fat and protein, and while the total amount of carotenoids is lower than in many vegetables, they’re in a highly absorbable, nearly ideal form.[1]

According to recent research,[2] adding a couple of eggs to your salad can also increase the carotenoid absorption from the whole meal as much as nine-fold.

Keep in mind that once you heat egg yolks (or spinach) the lutein and zeaxanthin become damaged, and will not perform as well in protecting your vision; so cook your eggs as little as possible, such as poached, soft-boiled, or raw.


Walnuts are good for your brain, and they look like a little brain. Walnuts contain neuroprotective compounds, research shows walnut consumption may support brain health, including increasing inferential reasoning in young adults. [3]


Celery is actually good for erections, and it looks like…well..

You may have read about how boosting nitric oxide in your blood can help you get and maintain better erections. One way to do this is to consume natural nitrates — something found in abundance in celery.

Nitric oxide is a molecule your body produces that signals smooth muscle cells to relax, increasing blood flow and reducing the production of plaque in the arteries.


Avocados are good for libido and they look like little testicles. Avocados are rich in heart-healthy fats, and anything that keeps your heart beating strong helps keep blood flowing to the right places.


The skin of tomatoes kind of look like a sunburn, and lycopene (the antioxidant found in tomatoes) is good for your skin. In fact, many studies have shown that lycopene has beneficial effects for skin health.[4]

Did you know I do health coaching? Email me at for a free 15 minute consultation with me. 


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